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Why should I use the Battiata Real Estate Group?

January 12, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

Answer: Because we will do the most effective job at marketing your property (remember, we have to generate offers from qualified buyers & sell your property) and we are among most experienced and the most effective short sale negotiators in the United States.

We have assembled a team that includes former underwriters from major national lenders, as well as a staff of experienced, dedicated, professional employees who negotiate and close short sales every day. We have done successful short sales with every lender that loans money in the state of California, and we have completed more successful short sales than any other agent in San Diego County.

We know how to negotiate short sales so that our clients do not sign promissory notes, are given a full release from the lender and walk away with an approval that states that the debt is satisfied and settled. In 2011, we had a documented 97% successful closing ratio for our short sales.

Finally, Matt Battiata consults with each and every one of our sellers, prices & monitors each listing and is involved in the negotiation of every offer. Matt Battiata has sold more homes over the past several years than virtually any other agent in Southern California, and has negotiated 100’s of short sales in the past 12 months alone.

Bottom line, your chances of doing a successful short sale, in which you walk away with no debt, no promissory note and no deficiency judgment, are higher with The Battiata Real Estate Group than any other company.


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