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Will you make a flyer for my house?

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Answer: Yes. We prepare a high quality, multiple photo, full color flyer on your home. We employ the use of a professional photographer on all of our listings. However, unlike most agents, we do not place flyers outside the home in a “take one” box. Statistically, flyers out front discourage buyers from calling. If we cannot directly speak to the buyer, it is nearly impossible to sell them your home. We always place the flyer inside the home to highlight the home’s unique features and as a visual reminder for the buyer. … Read More >>

Will you do a video of my home?

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Answer: Yes, in addition to the professionally shot still photos that we use, we also do a custom narrated video of all of our listings that we then post on the MLS for agents to see and on the internet for buyers to see. We also burn the videos onto a CD-ROM and have them at the property in addition to flyers, so that buyers may take a video with them to watch at home. This is so powerful that we have actually sold homes just based on this video, with the buyer never stepping foot into the home prior … Read More >>

Tell me about your marketing plan.

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Answer: The exposure your home gets while listed with us is second to none. No other agent in Southern California advertises their website via TV (the most effective type of advertising) as much as we do. We currently advertise on five TV stations in San Diego; NBC, ABC, CBS, KUSI and FOX. These prominent ads create a high volume of contact both from buyers and sellers. Additionally, our unique “Trade Up” program dramatically broadens the spectrum of buyers we can sell your home to and alleviates the problem of having to accept a contingent offer.

Our signs throughout Southern California …

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