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When I started my short sale process I started by first googling >the word short sale agents. There were many hits, obviously, and so I >sent my inquiry to a few. Of the few sent only the Battiata Real Estate >Group followed up!!! So new to this, nervous and a bit overwhelmed I >spoke first to Mr. Battiata first. To say the least I was quite pleased >with our short discussion, his openness and honesty with my questions. >Needless to say, I was put a little at easy with him and my understanding >of what the process entailed. After mauling it over that night and bit >more research I choose to moved forward with the Battiata team in short >selling my home. The team that handled my short sale made the process >painfully easy. Yes, there lots of paperwork to read and sign. But this >should be expected. I never spoke to the bank that owned the loan nor >did I have too. The Battiata team represented and guided me through the >process. My home sold in my opinion much, much sooner than I had ever >expected and for that I¹m very grateful. If anyone is looking to have >some represent you in a short sale I would say to you look NO further. >For me what I appreciated the most was the responsiveness of the team and >the frequent updates and status. I don¹t think I once had to call to ask >where we are and what was next. Special thanks to Jessica Mose, Nicole >Brown, Laura Smith and everyone at the Battiata Group. Thank you!!
Julio Alonso, San Diego

I attended one of Matt's seminar's on Short Sales, and knew afterward's that his agency was the one I wanted. His team members were professional, polite, and knowledgeable. My questions were always answered, all paperwork was dealt with, and the outcome was very satisfactory. I highly recommend Matt and his team for Short Sales transactions.
Steve Thudium, San Diego

I am glad to say our Condo's Short Sale was completed on Nov 14, 2012. This was only took 8 months when everyone told me that with my lender it would be at least a year. All the short sale staff were wonderful and got back to me the same day or the next day early. They made it a smooth and enjoyable transaction. Thank You Battiata Realty.
Lucas & Shannon Waldeck, San Diego

We had a very long shortsell that was difficult. We appreciate >the way you stuck with us and went to bat for us with both the first and >the second banks. It was at times very frustrating, but we are so glad it >is finished. >
Daniel Clarkson, San Diego

It was a pleasure doing business with the Battiata Real Estate Group.Without exception,they knew exactly what they were doing and were totally professional in their approach - and of course produced a totally successful result.
Joseph Brookman, San Diego

It was truly a pleasure to work with a truly professional and >caring team >that went out of their way to ensure that we were taken care of in all >aspects of this sale. Please pass this on to everyone else that worked on >our sale. >
Gary & Priscilla Reid, San Diego

We are extremely happy with the whole Hafa Short Sale your company did for us. We continued to be well informed of all progress regarding the sale. Questions were answered immediately and without any hesitations. The sale was successful and I truly would and will continue to recommend your team to all my family and friends. Kudos for a job well done. Your group was absolutely professional in all aspect of real estate. Thank you to all whom made our sale go smoothly.
E. Sablan

Kudos to the Battiata staff. Thanks to Catrina, Stefanie, and Laura and Melissa for a job well done.
Matt Williams

From the moment I saw Matt on TV advertising a seminar to help understand what being "upside down" meant to the closing of escrow this week, I have experienced nothing less than complete professionalism from Matt and his staff. My short sale negotiating team was excellent and always answered my questions with speed, empathy, knowledge and experience. Thanks so much to the following individuals: Bridgette Hemond, Scott Boyer, Laura Chavez, Laura Smith, and Shawna Ford. Matt and his team put me at ease, they clearly understand the "upside down" situations and are able to provide you with sound information to make the best choice for you regarding your "upside down" property. I highly recommend them for advice and for handling your decisions. Thanks Team Battiata for a job well done!
Donna OConnor

I heard many opinions and viewpoints about short sales and after attending a seminar by Matt Battiata, I made the decision to move forward. This was after months of working with my current lender on loan modifications. The Battiata Team was superb! They were easy to work with and have incredible follow up and follow through. They were there every step of the process working with the lenders and the buyer. In the final stages with 35 days to go, my lender sold my loan. Not even the slightest delay in closing escrow as the Battiata Team took care of all of the details. They did all of the negotiations and I felt fully supported. Their timing estimate was 100% accurate which also confirms they are a specialist in the area of short sales. I was originally hesitant to sign with Battiata as my place is far from a million dollar home – I was treated with the utmost respect from the team. I would recommend Team Battiata for all of your real estate needs!
Stefanie Battaglia

Thank you so much for the endless efforts from your crew, i know that the short sale market is frustrating and slow market but your team didnt gave up on us. After over a year of my house still in the market we finally closed the deal. What a relief that we finally can move on. Right now im deployed overseas but sure will refer your real estate group to my friends that are heading back home and if i will get back up from this, im sure i will be acquiring your business again.
Ever Soriano

It was a pleasure doing busuness with Battiata group. Everybody was very professional and helpful. I enjoyed working with the team and you are truly an expert in short sale. Hope to have another transaction soon and again tahnk you and God bless.
Mede & Rowena Magtoto

We were very pleased with the service of the Battiata Real Estate Group. We were considering selling our house in 2005, but were unsure of the market conditions at the time. The agents of Battiata researched the market and convinced us to list our house, as the market was at its climax. We sold our house just in time before the market began to go downhill, and received the highest possible amount of money for the sale. To top it off, one of the agents personally delivered boxes to our house and helped us pack for the move. Battiata's agents are professional, compassionate, and highly qualified for the job. They worked for us, and they will work for you too!
Cathy & Mike J

I really wish that other companies run their business like you do. It starts from the top... so bravo Matt. You should be proud of the whole team. I loved working with you and you all seemed to know what was going on with my case which put me at ease through these stressful times. I invite any Battiata potential clients to feel free and contact me any time so that I can personally speak to them about my experience. Thanks so much (and I will actually miss talking to you again!)
Rachel B.

I would like to thank you and all of the staff on your team. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with all of your staff. The service you provided is excellent, we listed our home for a short sale and we expected the worst, from beginning to the end of the process it took 4 months and we had no issues at all. Your staff was always willing and able to answer all my questions, I always felt like they were on top of the sale and they did a great job of advising me and keeping me informed. I especially like to give thanks to Jessica, Catrina, Stefanie and Laura.
Leticia Z.

We wish to take this opportunity to say "Dangkulo na si yu'us maase'" (A big "Thank You" and "God Bless You" in our Chamorro Language) for a "Job Well Done!". The Battiata Real Estate Group, Management and Staff kept us well informed with the progress of our "HAFA Short Sale". Whenever we had questions, the staff were always ready to respond. i.e. "No waiting or none of this we'll call you back later". Thank Laura Smith, Laura Chavez, Scott Boyer, Ashley, Shawna, Melissa and Merissa and everyone who helped us. Sorry we cannot remember everyone. The individual who answered our calls was very professional. Thank you also, Matt. We were shocked on how well our "Short Sale" started and finished. Kudos to everyone!
Edwin & Mae S.

Thank you for helping us through this difficult process. You and your associates really made this process as smooth as it possibly could be. I know this is your job and profession, but you have provided Shasta and I much more than a simple transaction between businessman and client. And for that I am very much thankful.
C. & S. Clark

I'm very pleased with the process from beginning to end with Battiata Real Estate Group. I googled "short sale expert" when I first considered short selling my downtown condo, and the BREG was the first search result that popped up. From the beginning, Matt called me personally to walk me through the steps and what to expect (he actually called me from Disneyland while there with his family on a Sunday afternoon). He was able to put my mind at ease to move forward. The process was quick, simple and painless. I closed yesterday after 4 short months. Everyone on my team was exceptional to work with, very resposive, and kept me in the loop on a regular basis with updates, status, etc.

Matt and his staff were amazing, making our short sale process as smooth and painless as possible. Their communication and customer service were superb. I highly recommend Battiata Real Estate Group!

With the help of the Battiata Group, I recently completed the sale of my home. Your staff that I had the privilege to deal with, particularly Bridgette Hemond and Laura Chavez, went above and beyond to help me out. Not only did they successfully complete the short sale of my home, they managed to make the entire process relatively painless. Already feeling like a loser for getting myself into an unfortunate financial predicament, Bridgette and Laura countered these emotions with their consistent personable, thoughtful, and caring actions. I am extremely grateful for their kindness, professionalism, and efficiency. I will continue to recommend the Battiata Real Estate Group to friends and family.
S. Y.

Thank you Melissa, Stefanie, Jessica, Laura, Sina, Matt and everyone. If you are looking around for someone to handle your short sale stop and dial their number right now. No one else wanted to take on our multiple short sales since they were "investment" properties but both closed without a hitch. Amazing job.
J. Holding

Sina, Stefanie, Jessica...all of the team was wonderful in helping us navigate a short sale. They kept us informed all along the way and were able to get the monolith aka Chase Bank to actually move! I would highly recommend them for any transaction and will use them again in the future.
Jess Specht

Thank you Matt, Laura, and the whole Battiata team for all the personal and professional work you did to sell our property. It was a smooth procedure from start to finish. Thanks again for all the great work.
Don & Brenda Long

Thanks everyone for your help on short-selling my house! The process took a while but I must say it went very smooth, I was well-informed at all times and the Support staff was very responsive and professional. Thank you again! I’m very glad I decided to hire the Battiata Firm for this important process…
Dora W

Thank you to the Short Sale Team! I was surprised to find the process so easy and painless, especially since I'm living overseas and doing everything by e-mail. The whole team worked very hard to get everything done in time to close by the end of the month. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone wanting to sell their home.
K. Perry

We are very happy that we choosed you for selling our house. We enjoyed your professional and friendly service. We definitely will recommend you to our friends. Much appreciation goes to your team.

Thank you Matt, for all you did to help us sell our condo. You got us the traffic we needed to get an offer, and your team helped everything move along quickly and smoothly. Thanks... John and Marcelle
John & Marcelle Schaefer

Thank you Battiata team, Laura(s), Sina, Stefanie, Catrina, Melissa, you were all so helpful and professionals at what you do. My hat's off to you, your hard work is much appreciated in the sale of our home!
John C.

We have been involved in buy/sell Real Estate for a while and working with Matt and all of his staff has been the most, satisfying experience we've ever experienced in the process of the sale of our condo. Great Job, see you soon for my next purchase, will highly refer to Family and Friends.
Darlen & Carlos Herrera

Your staff, especially Bridgette, were professional and did an excellent job. Our short sale took a very long time because of our bank, but your staff stood by us and provided us with continual updates. Thank you for helping us get back on track. We received multiple offers throughout the process and our special requests (no sign, notice prior to viewing, etc) were met. Thank you again.
Ellen De La Cruz

I can't say enough great things about Stefanie, Sina and the escrow team. I especially cannot thank and praise Stefanie and Sina enough for their outstanding service. I never thought this ordeal would end and when I wanted to quit it was Stefanie that made me realize keeping the course was the best thing for me and she was right. Matt is very lucky to have people like Stefanie and Sina working for him. I will never forget everything they have done for me. I would highly recommend Stefanie especially to anybody trying to short sale their house.
Anne Sawaya

Matt and his team did a great job of making a difficult situation go smoothly. We hit a few bumps along the way and it took longer than I had originally expected, but I can't thank Team Battiata enough for their professionalism, sense of humor, and their caring attitudes. A BIG thank you especially to Stefanie, Laura, and Matt! I am so pleased I chose to "hire you, Matt"!!
Geri Nelson

Matt & his team where wonderful. We had many ups and downs but at the end Battiata came through! I can't Thank Sina Laura Stephanie enough!
Nick Abramson

As first-time home buyers we consider ourselves very lucky to have found Kenny from The Battiata Real Estate Group. Kenny's experience really showed during a rather complicated REO transaction. His nice and easy-going personality made shopping for a home a breeze. He provided us with real customer service by email, phone and in person and was always available for a question or a new appointment to see a home. We didn't make it easy on him as we were looking all over San Diego and didn't have a specific area but Kenny knew how to handle it and quickly gained a good understanding of what we were looking for. He made sure that we stayed focused on our ultimate goal while being very patient with us. We also found our lender through him and he helped us getting a loan which was difficult being self-employed. We can't say enough good things about Kenny - we'll definitely use him again in the future should we sell our home and already recommended him to our home-shopping friends. Finally a trust-worthy real estate company with top-notch service! Thank you so much Kenny for helping us get our dream home.
Greg & Anja W.

Team Battiata especially Bridgett Hemond were absolutely wonderful. They never gave up especially when Chase kept throwing roadblocks at us, and kept the pressure on them to accept the short sale without deficiencies. You will not go wrong using Team Battiata for any real estate endeavors.
Stephen & Nancy Beth Kerr

We really appreciate Matt's personal involvement in the sale of our home. We also think his great suggestions helped to sell it quicker and for more than we would have gotten otherwise. His team gave us immediate responses to any questions and helped us with the sale and closing process.
Steve & Sheila Miller

We were very impressed and happy with the level of service and response from Laura, Melissa and Bridgette during our short sale. They were very professional, extremely helpful and got us through this process in 7mos. We will be talking to the Battiata Real Estate team in the future when we decide to get back in the market. We highly recommend this team of professionals.
Cindy M.

Matt, you have a wonderful team working for you! They were always there to answer my questions. Although the process was lengthy,due to the Bank, your team always pulled through and got the house sold. I would definitely refer a friend to your company. I want to send a special thanks to Stephanie and Laura, thanks for not giving up on the house, you made it finally happen! Good job ladies!!
Aimee G.

The entire process was smooth. All staff members were unbelievably helpful and very informative with any questions I may have had. I could not imagine what it would have been like, had I not had the Battiata team behind me! Thank you all so very much!
C Kelly

I am very thankful that the short sale went through rather than resulting in foreclosure. Battiata staff are helpful and they work hard to get their job done. Thank you!
Heidi S

Although the process took a little longer than expected with banks being confused and unorganized, I had a great experience with your company. I would have been lost without the help of so many of your employees. Thank you and I will recommend your company to other people in my like situation.
Mike H

When I first decided to sell my home, I was unfamiliar with the Short Sale process. Therefore I was seeking a professional team of Realtors to entrust the sale of my property. After seeing a news clip on the internet featuring Matt discussing how his firm specializes in short sales, I knew I'd found the right team. Throughout the process his team was exremely professional and patient with meeting the bank demands. They worked with me deligently after I relocated to another state and the process remained seamless. They kept me informed of all the banks requirements and the status of my short sale from the beginning to closing. Deciding to sell your home as a "Short Sale" is a tough decision especially if you are faced with a financial hardship. Matt and his team are professionals who will work with your mortgage company to ensure your home is sold without creating additional financial hardship on your family. I will highly recommend his services to my friends. Matt, Thanks again for you and your team hard work!!
Syneeda P

We were so grateful for the Battiata Real Estate Group for their demonstrated expertise in selling our home in San Marcos. His team did only one open house over one weekend which resulted an enormous amount of good offers. Because of these generated offers, we did not have to worry about another open house which was very convenient for us. The Battiata's team sold our house within a very reasonable timeframe despite the slow market because of their vast knowledge and diligence in this field of occupation. My special thanks to Sina, Anthony, Laura, Litsa, Nick and of course, their fearless and undoubtful leader, no other than Matt Battiata. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you very much for a job well done.
Marc Romero

Finding the right investment property was certainly a challenge, but The Battiata Group enabled us to keep focused on our investment objectives. When we came across a property that just didn’t quite feel right, for whatever reason, we didn’t waste time, we moved on! Other agents in the past often questioned our logic, felt we weren’t being realistic, or flat out tried to pressure us to make an offer. Thanks to The Battiata Group we found the perfect investment and can’t wait to work with them on the next deal. Thank you!
Brian T

The short sale process took 8 months to close. Throughout I appreciated Stefanie, Laura & Catrina's patience with all my questions/concerns as this was my 1st real estate purchase that ended up becoming a short sale. It's a very painful process and frustrating to say the least, but the staff at Matt Battiata's office understands and is supportive!
Beth L

It was such a pleasure to work with the entire Battiata team. The service and communication were excellent from the beginning of the process through the very end and everyone was always courteous and professional. I know there were probably other people working on the sale in the background, but I would really like to thank Litsa, Stefanie, and Sina for all their efforts. You really helped my family through a difficult situation, and we really appreciate it. Thank You!
Michael C.

Sina, Laura C.,Stefanie, and Stephanie thank you for all of your help and patience. Making the decision to short sale was tough, but you guys made it as painless as it could be!

You and your staff made a very stressful short sale process much more manageable. Everyone in the office was kind, resourceful, and always prompt in calling me back with answers to my questions, of which there were many. Thank you for all of your help in navigating through this crazy real estate market. I will be sure to send referrals your way! Thanks, again!

You were great as were your staff, particularly Laura and Melissa. I was always kept up to date during what became a very difficult escrow. If it were not for your staff I never would have been able to get through it! Many Thanks.

It is amazing experience working with your staff. I found my condo less than one week and the whole purchas process was less than a month. And it is very good price too. I definitely will recommand your group to my friend and family.
Dana Chen

Finally... thanks. I don't know too many agents who would have stuck with my sale with the bank being so uncooperative.
Ethan Strum

The job got done which is the most important part of this, but this was NOT an easy process. Our bank was really screwy and made you people jump through many stupid and unnecessary hoops. You took it all in stride and made it happen. We ARE in a better arrangement now in a +55 community and are beginning to get on with our lives. So I guess what I mean to say is THANKS VERY MUCH for handling this for us.
James Denning

I liked the rapid response to my questions.

Kenny was extremely helpful in our search for a property. He was friendly and did not at any time pressure us to make a purchase. He usually responded to our questions and requests within minutes by phone or email. He is very knowledgeable about the market and we would recommend him any time to those who need an agent.
Patrick H

Thank you so much for not giving up on my place. Your staff are wonderful and responsive especially Litsa Peters and Anthony. They always kept me in the loop of the status of my property. Thank you so much for representing me and I will be sure to use you again as well as refer all my friends and family to you.
Kathy Palabay

Matt and his group did a great job explaining to me how a short sale works and walking me through the process. I would definitely recommend them.
Michael D

Team Battiata- You guys make for an amazing & supportive team! You all made the process of selling my home effortless! Even before we signed up with you the customer services was amazing. The quality of service continued all the way through! Your team got right on selling my home and before we knew it the process was over! Thanks again and keep up the stellar job!
Eric & Maribel Valles

It was a great experience from start to finish. Your staff was professional and well informed. The process was made easy to understand and we were kept informed at every step. It was always a pleasure to work with your team. I would recommend your company to my family and friends.
Raul Q

Matt, I want to personally thank you and your staff. Everyone that I worked with were very professional and always seemed to provide us with answers when we needed it. Thanks to Battiata we completed our short sale. You guys are the best and we cannot thank you all enough!
Chad Smith

I was amazed by the outcome!!! Matt Battiata's team said that my short sell would take 6-9 months and it only took roughly 3 months and I was out of my condo. The team was very informative with emails and phone calls of everything that was going on. Now my fianc??e and I can move on with our wedding plans with all the money we are saving monthly. I LOVE IT!!! If you want the job done and done right...Call Matt Battiata. I can't thank you enough!!
Neil Belmont

I was happy to find out everything you said in your commercial was true. With great service my property sold in a timely manner.
William Pruden

Short selling can be a very scary prospect. My husband and I did some research and decided that Matt Battiata knew his stuff and how right we were. He made the process of short selling actually a pleasant experience. We felt he was on our side 100%. He gave us all the information necessary so that we could make the decisions that were right for us. We never felt alone and he and his team were some of the most ethical, professional and caring people we have ever worked with. Matt and the Battiata group are now my real estate agents for life and I make sure I recommend him to my friends and family. You will never find better service, information and caring anywhere else.
Dorian Jones

Thank you Matt and entire team! You responded to our every need and quickly I might add. The amount of traffic was incredible. You all were readily available for any questions or concerns anytime and every time. I have already recommended to many of my friends and some are now utilizing your services and I will continue to tell my friends of your top notch company! Again, THANK YOU!
Patty Moody

Working with Mr. Battiata and his team to help me sell my home was a good experience. They made the process easy and understandable. They were always available to answer all of my questions. When I tell you how friendly this company was, I really mean it! We don't get great customer service anymore with many companies but with this company, I was very pleased. Thanks to them all.
Theresa Vasquez

I highly recommend Matt and his team for anyone looking to sell their property! Everyone was extremely professional and diligent. I felt like I had an entire company working to help sell my home as fast as possible. The transition was seamless and fast! Thanks for all your help!
Matthew Dix

Matt is precisely what every seller seeks in a real estate agent: professional, courteous, HONEST, and hard-working. Due to Matt's efforts, we had showings several times per week --- very impressive especially in a "down economy". More importantly, the showings we had were to QUALIFIED potential buyers, not just anyone so he could claim that he was bringing people through. Our experience with Matt was very positive...Matt works hard and he gets the job done, and it pays off for the sellers. I would absolutely recommend Matt and his team to everyone.
Mark Michalko

Thank you Matt, Anthony and staff!!! After trying to handle my short sale on my own with my realtor, I finally turned to the Battiata Real Estate Group. The service was exceptional. Most importantly you got the deal done and allowed us to move on from a very difficult situation. We will contact you again when we are ready to buy.

I really appreciated how professional you and your staff are. I'm especially impressed with how effectively and quickly you sold our property for a fair price despite short sales all around our neighborhood bringing values down. Thanks so much!
Jeff & Kim Kiehn

The service was excellent in every aspect. Everybody did their job. You had my house listed everywhere, in the newspapers, on the net, etc. Thank you so much for what I call "going above and beyond."
Mike DiLisio

Matt was reassuring and very thorough in his explanation of the short sale process. We got more than the asking price and I truly owed nothing. I am very happy at the outcome.
Anna Page

I thought I couldn’t trust anyone after dealing with a law firm hoping to get a loan modification. Thankfully though, everything that Matt said his group could do, they did. I can breathe easier now that it is all done! Thank you SO much to EVERYONE at Battiata!!
Jamie Hughes

Selling a home can be a daunting, complicated process. After the short sale of our home, I made a comment to my husband in regards to the sale process with the Battiata team; I could not believe how quick everything was! From the first time I made contact with Mr. Battiata himself, I was pleased with the information I was given and the fact that I was kept up-to-date on every transaction. When we purchase our next home, we will not hesitate in coming back because our experience was positive from beginning to end. My husband and I highly recommend this team of professionals!
Rosabel Lopez

This is the first Christmas that I will spend in my new home. I sometimes look around in amazement that, hey, this belongs to me, I'm not renting! I want to thank Battiata Real Estate and Kenny Smith for helping me get here. This, being my first home, was made a more difficult task because of the price point I could afford. It put me in the same market as those with money looking for a property to buy and rent out. We looked all over the county and made offers on at least a dozen properties. Some of those properties were the definition of "Fixer Upper". After about five months of looking we were told that one of the offers was being picked up and a month later I was signing papers and given the keys. Anyhow, I couldn't have gotten here without your help. I think a lot of agents would have given up on me because of my monetary constraints, but not Kenny, and not Battiata Real Estate. Thank you. Thanks!
John Wirges

It took about a year and half to complete, but it was the fault of my lender. The Battiata Real Estate Group diligently worked to get this completed. I was very satisfied.
Kim Overholser

It was a pleasure doing business with the entire Battiata Team. This was a long and tedious short-sale and it took a group of dedicated people to pull this deal off. Thanks again for all of your help and thinking outside of the box.
Stewart McClure

The Battiata Group was with me through every step of the selling process of my condo. Everyone I worked with was helpful, knowledgeable, prompt & communicative which helped with a speedy and smooth selling transaction. Thanks!
Heidi Heislup

From my first phone conversation with Matt to my last email from Melissa the entire process went smoother than I could have imagined. I couldn't have asked for a better team to work with! I look forward to working with you and your team again in the near future. Thanks so much!!
Ryan Gomez

Our whole experience with Matt and the entire Battiata company was terrific. They walked us through every step, explained things in detail, even when we were most stressed, and sold our home quicker than imagined. Listing to close of escrow was 3 months in this market! Thank you Matt!!!
William & Scarlett Thomas

We purchased a home in Carlsbad in mid August. Our agent was Mike Matoso. The experience was great. I had worked with a number of agents before being referred to Mike. We had a very specific criteria for the home we were looking for and none of the other agents we worked with seemed to take an interest or put in the effort to find what we needed. Mike did his research before we met and had a plan for each step in the process. We found the home we wanted the first day we looked. We ended up in a competitive situation on the home we wanted as it was only on the market 1 day. I truly believe that without Mike's diligence to the process, we would not have been the buyer that was selected. We closed in under 30 days and now love our new home. The rest of the team was great as well.
Tom Burns

I am truly grateful to Matt and his team for helping to sell my property. Everybody was very professional and extremely helpful to get the transaction completed as quickly as possible. Thanks again for all the help.
Dave Lively

I had assumed that navigating the short sale home buying process would be overwhelming and that I would end up frustrated and without a property. Boy was I wrong. Fortunately I was paired with realtor Kenny Smith and I was rewarded with an enjoyable home buying experience. Kenny helped me purchase a very modern and spacious short sale condo in San Marcos and I was amazed at how easy it was to purchase a short sale property when you have an individual skilled in that process on your side. One of the perks of using Battiata was access to their personal moving van - an amenity that was of much appreciation during the last stages of our home purchase. We will certainly be using Battiata again for our real estate needs, and are looking forward to having Kenny over for our first BBQ at our new home.
Meghan Martin

I am very satisfied with my short sale. Thank you very much Battiata. Job well done.
Vanessa Sebastian

Thank you for working hard to get the short sale of our home completed. We encountered some issues but your persistence paid off and we were still able to find a buyer. Thank you so much! We will definitely consider the Battiata Group the next time we purchase a home.
Catherine Sablad

We were very impressed at the diligence, patience and top notch professionalism your team had through insurmountable odds... you folks came through. I have established great respect for your team. If you want your property to have a successful closing, this group is with you all the way. We highly recommend you to everyone. We will never forget how you stayed with us all the way.
Duane and Patti Siegmann

The Battiata team is top notch. They relentlessly worked through the many challenges that they faced with the sale of my home. I highly recommend the Battiata Group to others in need of a hardworking real estate agent. Thank you Matt and team!
John Hanson

This is my first home and Kenny Smith helped educate me during every step of the process. When someone does something difficult while making it seem effortless, well that's what you call an All Star, or All Pro. That describes Kenny's capacity to help find you a home.
John Wirges

Everyone involved in each step of the process answered my questions/concerns right away. I never had any problem getting a hold of anyone, even on the weekends. Everyone was very helpful.
Sasha Hannon

The service was prime quality with a minimum of hassle. The people were efficient, prompt and very courteous and professional. The house sold quickly.
Judith Hess

I found you as well as your team extremely professional, knowledgeable and very good at returning calls and emails. You truly are an expert in short sales. I have already referred two friends to you. Great job!!!
Sandra Schafer

After spending a lot of time and effort with other realtors with no positive feedback, Kenny Smith was a breeze to work with. After only a couple weeks we found the home we wanted to buy and jumped straight into escrow. Kenny Smith bent over backward doing things he didn't have to do to make sure we got the property. I will use Kenny when I buy again and I will also recommend him to anybody I know looking to buy a property.
Shane and Melissa Cresser

"Matt possesses everything we look for in a good realtor. His efficiency and professionalism expedited the sale of our home and provided us with a smooth sales transaction. We appreciate everything he has done for us."
Harold Vandiver - Real Property Marketing

"You guys are the best! Thank you for making our home selling experience a great one! You guys have it together. Keep up the great work and we will call you when we are ready to buy. Thank you again."
Ed and Yvette Flaherty

"Matt, The advertising was great as was everyone that works with the company. The service was a 10 out of 10! Thank you!"
Bill & Kim McLaren

"Matt, Your entire staff was wonderful! I really appreciated everyone, thank you for all you have done."
Marguerite Nim

"Matt's staff is one great team. We enjoyed working with Matt, and had an all around great experience. We can see why the company has done so well."
Sellers of 212 Aurora

"Dear Matt, I would like to thank you so much for such a pleasant experience in the process of selling our home. You are by far the most efficient, professional, and definitely one of the most competitive realtors I have dealt with. I am certain that this is not our last encounter. I highly recommend you to anyone needing to buy or sell real estate and that includes my circle of friends, family, and associates. You guys are great! I wish you lots of success! Your efforts show and you are much appreciated by our family. Thank you once again and God bless you all!"
Rose Laxamana

"Thank you so much to your staff, especially Lisa! You made the home selling process easy and painless. Much appreciated and money well spent!"
Sellers of 29759 Gracilior Drive

"Dear Matt, Thank you for all your help with the Argonauta transaction. Our client was very pleased that they could get possession a day early. Enjoyed working with you again. Hope to have another transaction together soon."
Dolores and Jim Wellborn

"Dear Matt and Team, Thank you all for letting me use the moving truck during my move. It really showed your commitment to going the extra mile and giving excellent service. It was a life saver and very appreciated. Thanks again!"
Jaime San Sovia

"From the start, the marketing was incredible! We felt very well taken care of. The added extras indefinitely unique: free moving boxes, free access to the moving truck, kind, fantastic associates and office staff. Matt was always willing to listen and talk at all hours of the day, even holidays! Thank you!"
Jeff Stahl and Debbie Ross

"Dear Battiata Group, I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for a great job done. I am very happy that I selected you guys. Buying and selling a house is a very stressful situation. I just wanted to let you know that you were extremely professional, talented and understanding. I now understand why Matt's picture is all over town. Anyone that can handle a person like me through such a stressful time is unique in my opinion. I promise you that I am not usually like this! Special thanks to Matt and Amy for going far and beyond. I hope you have continued success."
Samer and Maya Kabbani

"You guys are the complete package! Matt had the ability to see our deal through despite dealing with an agent and seller that were unorganized and not agreeable, to say the least. Thank you very much!"
Harold and Sandy Kaloogian

"We were very impressed by the traffic we had through our home, which can only reflect the work done by Matt and his team. Thank you!"
James and Patricia Dinardi

"In one sentence, you are second to none!"
Doug Chapman

"Absolutely fabulous team of professionals in your organization. We experienced a good personal connection and high service level. We will refer you to all our friends, in fact we already have! You are selling Monique's mother's home. Keep up the good work!"
Scott and Monique Evers

"The girls in the office are great and help Matt to be successful. Great follow-up, communication and updates on our property! Matt did a great job negotiating with our buyer."
Lisa Gunther

"Our home sold in the least amount of time while other homes in our community are still on the market. I don?t see how you could improve your service- you and your employees are outstanding!"
Dorothy Worsham

"Thank you for your help in selling my home. Your professional staff provided outstanding service. Looking forward to purchasing a home from you in the future."
Patrick DeLeon

"I am truly amazed how quickly Matt sold my property with multiple offers. I will never mess around hiring any other agent. The way you market yourself is astounding. Please send me some of your business cards and I will hand them out to any of my friends who need a top-notch agent!"
Felix Fano

"You Matt, and your staff cannot be ranked against others working in the same field. There is simply no comparison. Your operation is in a league of its own. We shall continue to expound to potential buyers and sellers alike, the value of listing with the Battiata Real Estate Group."
Sherwin and Sharon Chickering

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